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Selectronic Managed AC Coupling

Image of SP PRO grid interactive inverter charger

Image of SP PRO grid interactive inverter charger

Continuing to advance the highly acclaimed SP PRO technology, Selectronic are pleased to release a further development to our AC Coupling methodology, by incorporating a wider range of grid tie inverters for Off Grid and Diesel Grid use as well as Solar Hybrid (Grid Backup).

By connecting up to 5 Selectronic Certified grid tie inverters to the AC Load side (output) of any single phase SP PRO system, it is now possible to utilise efficient high voltage PV arrays that are located remotely from the battery bank. This allows you to continue to use a wide choice of PV installers and common components; no need to be concerned about cable loss in long, expensive low voltage cable runs.

By creating an AC Bus, an AC Coupled system will allow PV energy to be efficiently used directly by the load with excess PV energy going back through the bi-directional SP PRO to charge batteries or export to the grid.

PV energy will continue to be utilised at all times, regardless of generator or grid availability. The battery charging system in the SP PRO has proven unmatched in control and stability. This has now been extended into PV based AC Coupled systems. The RS485 link provides the same precise control over the AC Coupled PV. Regardless of the charging source, your batteries will enjoy maximum life with SP PRO charging.

The grid inverter can be considered as an AC MPPT. A maximum of 5 Selectronic Certified inverters can be controlled by any SP PRO, but the total AC Output of the combined grid tie inverters must not exceed twice the continuous power rating of the SP PRO or the SP PRO surge rating, whichever is smallest.

Site consumption and generation data continues to be logged by the SP PRO including the AC Coupled solar production.