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Wired and Wireless Communication Accessories

Ethernet Adaptor Lead for SP PRO.

Provides an Ethernet connection for the SP PRO, allowing access via a Local Area Network.
Powered directly by the SP PRO.

Order code 005081

IN0031_03 SP PRO Ethernet adaptor for LAN connection (PDF 265 kB)


Wireless RS485 link for SP PRO to KACO or Fronius managed AC coupled system

Provides a wireless communication link between the SP PRO and the distant KACO or Fronius grid inverters, in a managed AC coupled system.

Order code 005075

IN0029_03 Wireless RS485 for KACO Link Installation Notes (PDF 1.38 MB)
IN0048_03 Wireless RS485 for Fronius-Installation Notes (PDF 1.51 MB)


Image of patch lead
Patch Antenna

If the required distance is longer than the specified 200m clear line of sight, then the range of the devices above can be extended by replacing the dipole antenna with this patch antenna.

Order code 004810

Note: Patch Antenna is directional and must be mounted in a fixed position that is directly facing the antenna of the other wireless device.



The table below gives an indication of the expected range when using a combination of dipole and patch antennas:

Local wireless
device antenna

Remote wireless device antenna

Expected distance
line of sight *




* The effective range may be reduced by local radio interference such as WiFi, microwave ovens and cordless phones, or by barriers such as walls and ceilings.


RS232 to RS485 adaptor kit
To retrofit KACO or Fronius managed AC coupling to SP PRO Series I

Order code 005077

IN0030_02 SP PRO Series I KACO Managed AC Coupling Installation Notes (PDF 1.34 MB)



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