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Energy Management

What Is Energy Management?
Selectronic have developed the ENERGY MANAGEMENT feature as a means of understanding your power system. By incorporating ENERGY MANAGEMENT our SA Series inverters will continually interrogate and provide you with vital information to help you understand and control your system. ENERGY MANAGEMENT means no more guess work, just facts to get the most out of your remote power system.

At the heart of the SA Series inverters is a Liquid Crystal Display and keypad. The illuminated display will actively show you INVERTER STATUS, TIME and DAY, AC VOLTS, AC AMPS and BATTERY VOLTS. The display will also alert you to the cause of any inverter shutdown due to high or low DC volts, AC overload and temperature overload. A set of diagnostic readings can also be accessed to assist in remote trouble shooting.

All of these ENERGY MANAGEMENT features may be displayed, set and controlled at any convenient location by using the optional remote key pad.

Amp Hour Meter
When used with the optional external current shunt, the SA Series inverters will monitor all charge and discharge currents. The display will show a NETT current figure and continually calculate the charge in your battery. The SA Series inverters will also log MINIMUM BATTERY CHARGE each day for up to 30 days or each week up to 52 weeks, essential information for maximising battery life. DAILY PEAK CHARGING is also displayed - a consistent figure in this screen will indicate that charging sources are working correctly.

Control Outputs
Two outputs are supplied which can be configured to control external circuits. These outputs can be set to come on with TIME and DAY, INVERTER OVERLOAD or LOW BATTERY CHARGE (optional shunt required). Use a pump to fill a header tank once a week, control security lighting or start a generator, you imagination is the limit.

User Inputs
Two user inputs have many applications including generator warnings or security indicators on a battery room door.

Whilst Selectronic's SA Series inverters are very sophisticated, they do not require complex programming. Most systems will work perfectly well with the factory settings, or alternatively your supplier can programme your inverter before despatch.