Selectronic Australia

SA Inverter Accessories

Remote Keypad Model SA-KP-01

Remote Keypad Model SA-KP-03

With the remote keypad all information can be accessed, and the inverter controlled from any convenient location up to 500m from the inverter. When used in conjunction with Energy Management Mk II, the remote keypad gives you vital information about your energy system, at your fingertips.

Current Shunt Model SA-S200

This option is required when using the battery current, net amp hour, and battery state of charge readings in Energy Management Mk II. The current shunt is wired to the inverter via the output interface option.

Remote Link Software ** Discontinued **

Software for Energy Management Mk II capable inverters from a Windows PC.

Control the inverter from anywhere using your PC as if you were using the external keypad.

Supports a modem or direct cable connection.

Download usage and historical data and graph it in Microsoft Excel.


Output Interface Model SA-SB-01

This option allows connection of the remote keypad, current shunt, control outputs and user inputs to an SA series inverter. All the options are wired to the output interface via screw terminals, then the output interface is plugged into the rear of the inverter.