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PS1 Inverter Range

As well as new power ratings, the PS1 offers significant advantages over the previous RAPS models.

Just look at these impressive features!

  • 4 line back lit LCD, much easier to read
  • Completely new menu structure makes programming much faster.
  • Significantly improved electronics for greater reliability
  • A “State of Charge” reading replaces “discharge Ah”, for simpler understanding
  • More aggressive software makes generator synchronising much faster and reliable
  • Selectable Generator type or custom settings improves generator stability
  • Auto control of generator further enhanced with “time of day” control
  • Auto control of generator will provide emergency power if inverter is out of service
  • No power disturbances during starting and stopping of generator
  • Can communicate over a serial port or modem using Selectronic Remote Link.
  • View up to 32 daily events directly on the LCD without modem or PC.
  • Enhanced user adjustability
  • Individual display of internal and external shunt current & display of Nett battery current
  • Sums generator and inverter outputs together if required for peak load
  • Vastly improved LED layout allows quick glance status check
  • Programmable Load Search & reduced low load losses
  • Greatly improved documentation
  • Much simpler installation and easier field PCB replacement
  • Physically smaller than previous RAPS units


(Revision 8 - 9 firmware) Dispatched on or after 15 August 2006
PC0004_05 PS1 User Manual, Rev 05 (772 kB)
PC0009_05 PS1 Technical Manual, Rev 05 (879 kB)

(Revision 7 firmware) Dispatched 8 May 2006 - 14 August 2006
PC0004_03 PS1 User Manual, Rev 03 (1.09 MB)
PC0009_03 PS1 Technical Manual, Rev 03 (1.14 MB)

(Revision 6 firmware) Dispatched prior to 8 May 2006
PC0004_02 PS1 User Manual, Rev 02 (1.85 MB)
PC0009_02 PS1 Technical Manual, Rev 02 (2.0 MB)

Remote Link Software

Remote Link software can be found here.

PS1  RAPS BrochurePS1  RAPS Brochure


The product brochure is available in a downloadable form, containing full specifcations.

PS1 Brochure V4 (PDF 784 kb)