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Charge Regulator PWM60

Selectronic PWM60 Charge Regulator



The PWM 60 charge regulator is a high performance, low cost companion to all Selectronic SA22, SA32 and SA42 inverters.

The SA22, SA32 and SA42 sinewave inverters come to you inclusive of Energy Management Mk II.
This provides a fully featured monitoring and control system that allows you to keep track of vital system parameters, perform control functions and allow remote communications.

Add a Remote Keypad, and you have at your fingertips all this energy information at a location that is removed from your inverter, such as the kitchen wall.

Add a PWM60 Charge Regulator, and all solar, wind or hydro charging of your batteries can be controlled from your inverter by entering the float, boost and equalise voltage via the inverter keypad.

The PWM60 also incorporates soft switching and is therefore gentle on your batteries, promoting increased battery life.

Protect your valuable batteries from damage with the Selectronic PWM60 Charge Regulator. Rated at 60 amps, the PWM60 is reverse polarity protected, simple to install and simple to use.

Safety & Standards

C TickAt Selectronic we are serious about your safety so we have built the PWM60 to conform to the Australian Standard AS3100 (for electrical equipment).
This means you can safely wire the relay into a normal electrical system.

And as with all Selectronic products, the PWM60 conforms to the requirements of the Electromagnetic Compatibility framework (C tick), giving you low radio frequency interference.

Reliability and Warranty

At Selectronic we go to extreme lengths to make sure our products will continue to perform day in and day out.

With an accredited Quality Assurance program (ISO 9001) in place and many hours of exhaustive field testing, you know you can rely on your Selectronic Inverter. As proof of our confidence, Selectronic provides a five year factory warranty on the PWM60.







Output Current, 40°C Ambient

Max. Continuous
Max. Surge


Output Current, 60°C Ambient

Max. Continuous
Max. Surge


Charge Source Open Circuit Voltage Input Range


12 - 88V DC
(Maximum of 40V difference between charge source and battery voltage)

Battery Voltage Range


12 - 24V DC Battery Bank
(Maximum 40V battery voltage)

Input Current from Inverter,
Terminal 6

Regulator OFF - No load
Regulator ON - Full load

20mA DC
25mA DC

Switching Topology

Single Ended Pulse Width Modulation

Operating Temperature Range

0 °C to 60 °C

Conforms to Standards

AS3100 (wiring), C tick (EMI)

DC Isolation

Note that a single pole circuit breaker should be used. (Not included)



195mm wide x 130mm high x 50mm deep.


1.0 kg

Weight packed

1.2 kg

Input lead Length

not applicable

Output wiring method

6 way screw terminal strip


Powder Coated zinc steel (wedgwood blue)


5 year parts and labour (conditions apply)

Through a policy of continued development, specifications or sizes quoted are subject to change without notice. Note: All power ratings are at 1.0 Power Factor.

WARNING - All Remote Power System installations must comply with the relevant requirements of your state or national standards. It is imperative that only Registered Electrical Contractors are permitted to install or check any appliance or wiring in your installation.


Download a copy of the operators manual (PDF 248 kB)


The product brochure is available in a downloadable PDF form.
PWM60_SYR15 (PDF 101 kB)