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Selectronic SE12 Inverter

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Introducing the SE12... one of the Selectronic Sine Wave Power Inverter Family...
with a big heart!

Selectronic Australia, the company who have brought you quality Australian Made Power Inverters since 1983, are proud to offer the SE12. This compact True Sine Wave DC-AC power inverter can provide you with mains style electricity wherever you are. With our years of experience in this field you can be assured there will be no compromise on quality, reliability and of course, value for money.

How easy is it?
Simply connect the battery leads of the SE12 to an appropriate battery or battery bank in your car, boat, mobile home, caravan or Remote Area Power System. In most cases you will not need to make any adjustments. It's that simple.

What can I run from my SE12?
You can run any appliance that runs from mains electricity, as long as the appliance(s) usage does not exceed the output power or the output current (see electrical specifications below). Check the rating label on the back of your appliance.


Incorrect Battery Connection
Unlike some inverters, the SE12 is totally protected should you accidentally reverse positive and negative. No destruction, no fuses to replace, just re-connect the inverter with the correct polarity.

Auto Start
When first connected, the inverter will go into Auto Start mode. Once you turn on an appliance the inverter will automatically START, then automatically switch OFF when the appliance is turned off. The minimum power needed to turn on the inverter is easily adjustable. This feature will save you valuable battery power.

The SE12 display can easily be commanded to operate as a simple voltmeter. This feature allows you to keep an eye on the battery voltage and avoid any unexpected inconvenience.

High & Low Voltage Cut Out
As the battery discharges the SE12 will be monitoring this voltage. When the battery reaches a pre-set voltage level the inverter will automatically cut out, once charge is restored to the battery the inverter will restart. The point at which the inverter cuts out is easily adjustable to suit the battery. Alternatively, if the battery voltage goes too high, the inverter will also cut out.

Safety & Standards

C Tick

At Selectronic we are serious about your safety so we have built the SE12 to conform to Australian Standard AS3100 and AS3108 (for electrical equipment and isolating transformers). This means you can safely wire the inverter as a normal electrical system. And naturally the SE12 conforms to the requirements of the Electromagnetic Compatibility framework (C tick), giving you low radio frequency interference.

Reliability and Warranty
At Selectronic we go to extreme lengths to make sure all our inverters will perform day in day out. With an accredited Quality Assurance program (ISO 9001) in place and many hours of exhaustive field testing, you know you can rely on your Selectronic Inverter. As proof of our confidence, Selectronic provides a full two year factory warranty.





SE12 - 12V

SE12 - 24V

Input Voltage Range

10 - 17V

20 - 34V

DC Input Current

Max. Continuous
1/2 Hour Rating
5 Second Surge



Output Power @ 25 deg C Ambient

Max Continuous
1/2 Hour Rating
5 Second Surge



Peak Efficiency



Low Voltage Shutdown

User Adjustable

10 - 11.5V DC

20 - 23V DC

Auto Start Sensitivity
& Response Time

User Adjustable

4 -16W
1.0 sec max, normal mode
1.5 sec max power save mode

Output Voltage +/- 4%

@ Nominal Input
No Load to Full Load

240V AC
230V AC NZ Models

Output Current @ 25 deg C Ambient

5 Second Surge

2.5A AC
6.0A AC

2.9A AC
8.3A AC

Output Waveshape
Output Frequency
Total Harmonic Distortion
Power Factor Limitation

True Sine Wave
50Hz +/- .01%
< 4%


DC to AC Fully Insulated

Operating Temperature Range

-10 deg.C to +50 deg.C

Conforms to Standards

AS3100-1990 (wiring) AS/NZS1044-1992 (RFI)
AS3108 Isolating Transformers

Factory Warranty

2 Years Parts and Labour



225mm wide x 160mm high x 310mm deep


9.0kg (Shipping Weight 9.6kg)

Battery Lead Length

1.5 metres with 8mm mounting lug


Powder coated zinc steel, wedgewood blue

Output Wiring

Dual GPO plus rear junction box

Through a policy of continued development, specifications or sizes quoted are subject to change without notice. Note: All power ratings are at 1.0 Power Factor.

WARNING - All Remote Power System installations must comply with the relevant requirements of your state or national standards. It is imperative that only Registered Electrical Contractors are permitted to install or check any appliance or wiring in your installation.

Download a copy of the operators manual.

The product brochures are also available in a downloadable PDF form.