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The Selectronic SE22 sine wave inverter comes with many features not normally found in other inverters. The dual voltage capability allows you to upgrade your system voltage and power, without having to upgrade your inverter. An illuminated display on the front panel allows you to tailor your inverter to suit your needs, perform diagnostics, and take vital readings; no compromises needed. As if this is not enough, you also have the ability to upgrade to ENERGY MANAGEMENT Mk II as your needs develop. As you can see, there is now no need to limit the ability of your power system by the inability of your inverter.

Dual Inverter
The SE22 is essentially two inverters in one. Simply connect the SE22 to a 12V battery and it automatically configures itself to a 1300W continuous inverter. When connected to a 24V battery bank, the SE22 automatically becomes a 1600W continuous inverter. Just imagine being able to upgrade your 12V power system to 24V and have more output power without changing your inverter.

No Compromise
All the vital parameters of the SE22 are fully adjustable making it compatible with any remote power system. These parameters are easily changed as required via the front panel which has an illuminated display to tell you what is being adjusted. No need to compromise your power system performance. And of course all the settings are retained when the inverter is powered down.

The display on the front panel of the SE22 gives you vital information about your power system. You are able to display INVERTER STATUS, AC VOLTS, AC AMPS and BATTERY VOLTS.
Also the SE22 will alert you to the cause of any inverter shutdown by beeping an alarm and displaying a message containing the reason for the shutdown. As a shutdown occurs, the SE22 stores the cause of the shutdown in an 'Alarm Log' allowing you to view at a later date the cause of up to the last one hundred inverter shutdowns.
The SE22 will shutdown and protect itself if the battery volts are too high or too low, the load on the inverter is too high, or the temperature of the inverter becomes too high.
A set of diagnostic readings can also be accessed to assist in remote troubleshooting.

Safety and Standards
At Selectronic, we are serious about your safety so we have built the SE22 to conform to the Australian standards AS3100 and AS3108 (for electrical equipment and isolating transformers). This means the SE22 can be safely integrated into any normal electrical system. And naturally the SE22 conforms to the requirements of the Electromagnetic Compatibility framework (C tick), which means low radio frequency interference.

Whilst the SE22 is a very sophisticated inverter, it does not require complex programming. In most cases the SE22 will perform perfectly well with the factory settings. Just connect it up, switch on and your power problems have disappeared.

Modular Construction
This important feature of the SE22 allows for quick and easy on site repairs by any authorised person. Inconvenient down time is minimised.

Fully Upgradable
Don't lock yourself into an inverter that cannot expand with your remote power system needs. As your finances allow or as your needs change, the SE22 can be upgraded to incorporate full Energy Management Mk II. This system is a fully featured monitoring and control system that allows you to keep track of vital system parameters, perform control functions and allow remote communication. See your dealer for more details.

The SE22 is so versatile it can provide the user with a source of independent power for virtually any application. Applications include:

  • Home

  • Boats

  • Caravans

  • Motor homes

  • Tradesman

  • Business applications

Optional Energy Management Mk II

Extra features included in this option over the original Energy Management are:

  • Four control outputs.

  • Replacement of interface board with covered plug in screw terminals.

  • Fully adjustable Solar regulator controller option.

  • Automatic zero point setting for percentage charge in battery.

  • Automatic battery efficiency compensation.

  • Load profile logging.

  • Modem interface output for remote control of inverter and system via modem & remote computer.

For more detail about Energy Management Mk II, click here.




12V Input

24V Input


Output Power
@ 25 deg C Ambient
Max Continuous
1/2 Hour Rating
Max Surge
Output Power
@ 40 deg C Ambient
Max Continuous
1/2 Hour Rating
Max Surge
Voltage Input Range 10-17V DC 20-34V DC Range
Input Current 0.08A DC
0.75A DC
130A DC
400A DC
0.05A DC
0.62A DC
80A DC
250A DC
Stand By
Inverter ON - No Load
Max Continuous
Max Surge
Demand Start Sensitivity
Response Time
1 Second Max
User Adjustable
Low Voltage Shutdown 9.5 - 11.5V DC 19 - 23V DC User Adjustable
High Voltage Shutdown 15 - 17V DC 30 - 34V DC User Adjustable
Output Voltage Adjustable from 220 to 240V AC +/- 4% @ Nominal DC Input,
No Load to Full Load
Output Current 5.4A AC
16A AC
6.7A AC
20A AC
Max Continuous
Max Surge
Output Wave Shape
Output Frequency
Total Harmonic Distortion
True Sine Wave
50Hz +/- 0.01%
< 4%
Power Factor Limitations Nil
Efficiency SE22 effieciency graph Graph key
Time to Shutdown SE22 time to shutdown graph Graph key
Input/Output Isolation 1875 V AC
Memory Retention Permanent
Operating Temperature Range -10 °C - 50 °C
Conforms to standards AS 3100 (wiring), AS 1044 (EMC), C tick

Size 500mm wide x 180mm high x 370mm deep
Weight 20kg
Weight Packed 23kg
Input Lead Length 1.5 metres
Output Wiring Method Rear three terminal junction box with conduit knock outs
Output Socket Dual switched GPO
Chassis Powder coated zinc steel (Wedgwood Blue)
DC Isolation Single Pole Circuit Breaker
Warranty 5 year parts and labour (Conditions apply)

Through a policy of continued development, specifications or sizes quoted are subject to change without notice. Note: All power ratings are at 1.0 Power Factor.

WARNING - All Remote Power System installations must comply with the relevant requirements of your state or national standards. It is imperative that only Registered Electrical Contractors are permitted to install or check any appliance or wiring in your installation.


Download a copy of the operators manual.

SA22 / SE22 Rev 02 (225 kb)

Energy Management Mk II Rev 10 (338 kb) - Applies to SA22, SA32, SA42 models only.



The product brochures are also available in a downloadable PDF form.

Premium SA 22-32-42 Inverters with Energy Management Mk II (PDF 1.5 MB)

SE22 SE32 SE42  Brochure SE22 SE32 SE42  Brochure

SE 22-32-42 Inverters (PDF, 2.1 MB, superceded by SA series, above)

SE22 SE32 SE42  Brochure SE22 SE32 SE42  Brochure