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Selectronic SE30 Inverter

Selectronic SE30 Inverter

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Please note:

As the new SE32 has improved upon and replaced the SE30, the SE30 inverter is discontinued as of November 23, 1999.

Click here for information on the new SE32 upgradable to Energy Management Mk II.

The SE30 information below is for reference only.

Proving that the Selectronic research and development team are not sitting idle, the SE30 delivers 16% more continuous power, 8.5% more surge power, and is smaller and lighter than its predecessor the SA30. Further to these improvements the SE30 is also more cost effective than the SA30. We believe this makes the SE30 one of the best value for money inverters available.


The SE30 features a Liquid Crystal Display panel, allowing you to adjust the important parameters of the inverter whilst providing information about the system. This makes the SE30 compatible with any remote power system.

Designed for medium to large remote power systems, the SE30 has enough power to start and run most household appliances.

Demand Start
Demand Start/Standby mode means the SE30 will turn on and off as required with any type of load. Should you need a different sensitivity setting, simply programme the on board micro-processor via the front panel to start the smallest load or overcome a phantom load. This feature will save you valuable battery power and can be overridden if necessary.

The liquid crystal display will actively show you INVERTER STATUS, AC VOLTS, AC AMPS and BATTERY VOLTS. The display will also alert you to the cause of any inverter shutdown due to high or low DC volts, AC overload and temperature overload. A set of diagnostic readings can also be accessed to assist in remote trouble shooting.

High & Low DC Voltage Cut Out
Low voltage and high voltage cut out are fully adjustable.

Totally protected against thermal overload, current overload and AC short circuit. Input and output are electronically isolated for your safety, and MEN compatibility.

Whilst the SE30 is a very sophisticated inverter, it does not require complex programming. Most systems will work perfectly well with the factory settings, or alternatively your supplier can programme your inverter before despatch.

Modular Construction
The SE30 features a unique modular construction allowing for quick easy on-site repairs by any authorised person. Important down time is minimised.






Input Voltage 24V DC
20-34V DC
Nominal Range
Min, Max
Output Power @
25 deg C Ambient
Max. Continuous
1/2 Hour Rating
20 Second Surge
Output Power @
40 deg C Ambient
Max. Continuous
1/2 Hour Rating
20 Second Surge
DC Input Current 66mA DC
0.70A DC
104A DC
165A DC
350A DC
Stand By
Inverter ON, No Load Max
Max Continuous
1/2 Hour Rating
20 Second Surge
Demand Start Sensitivity
Response Time
3 - 20W
0.5s Max Normal Mode
1s Max Power Save Mode
User Adjustable
High Voltage Shutdown
Low Voltage Shutdown
30 - 34V DC
19 - 22V DC
User Adjustable
Delayed, User Adjustable
Output Voltage +/- 4% Adjust. from 220-240V AC
No Load to Full Load
@ Nominal DC Input,
No Load to Full Load
Output Current 9.2A AC
27.0A AC
Max. Continuous
20 Second Surge
Output Waveshape
Output Frequency
Total Harmonic Distortion
True Sine Wave
50Hz +/- .01%
< 4%
Power Factor Limitations Nil
Efficiency See Graph
Input / Output Isolation Yes
Memory Retention Time Permanent
Operating Temp. Range -10 deg.C to +50 deg.C
Conforms to Standards AS3100-1990 (wiring) AS/NZS1044-1992 (RFI)


Size 498mm wide x 170mm high x 370mm deep
Weight 22kg
Weight Packed 25kg
Input Lead Length 1.2 metres with 10mm mounting lug
Output Wiring Method Large rear 3 terminal junction box,
with conduit knockouts
Output Socket Dual switched 3 pin GPO
Chassis Powder coated zinc steel, wedgewood blue
DC Isolation Single Pole non-auto breaker
Warranty Five year parts and labour

Through a policy of continued development, specifications or sizes quoted are subject to change without notice. Note: All power ratings are at 1.0 Power Factor.

WARNING - All Remote Power System installations must comply with the relevant requirements of your state or national standards. It is imperative that only Registered Electrical Contractors are permitted to install or check any appliance or wiring in your installation.