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Please note that Powador products can no longer be used for new installations in Australia after 09 October, 2016.
This page is provided for information purposes only.

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Image of KACO Powador 4400 inverter

Less is More: No Transformer, lots of Power.
The Powador 3200 – 9600 transformerless string inverters.

Our Powador 3200 to 9600 transformerless single-phase inverters are now equipped with digital controllers so that they can be used internationally. The appropriate country settings can easily be selected on-site; the country-specific settings are stored in the software, so the inverters can be quickly installed in any country. Users can also choose a menu language regardless of the selected country setting. We have changed the product names. The maximum PV generator power for which the particular unit is optimised can now be read from the designation. All units operate with a full bridge without a step-up converter. Four IGBT power switches reproduce the sineshaped voltage curve of the public power grid employing pulse width modulation. These are true single-stage, self-commutated units. However, the input voltage must be greater than the peak line voltage for them to be used.

The units are equipped with a wide MPP range of 350 V to 600 V. The open circuit voltage is 800 V, which simplifies the work of installers when laying out systems. The same is true for the integrated DC disconnect. Screw terminals make connecting to the grid easy. The units contain a single- or three-phase monitoring system conforming to VDE0126-1-1, including an AC/DC-sensitive residual current protector. The units can thus be connected to the grid without any additional measures, even in installations with several inverters.

In addition, the units operate using purely passive noiseless convection cooling. The heat that is lost is, to a great degree, dissipated via the heatsink on the rear of the unit. The rest of the heat is radiated from the surface of the aluminium housing. No fans, no problems, just long service life.

Several software packages are available for download directly from KACO. Please follow the link below.

KACO Software from KACO New Energy

Selectronic stocks the following models of KACO Powador 00 grid tie inverters:

  • Powador 3200 – 2600 Watts AC output
  • Powador 4400 – 3600 Watts AC output
  • Powador 5500 – 4600 Watts AC output
  • Powador 6600 – 5500 Watts AC output
  • Powador 7700 – 6400 Watts AC output Discontinued as of November 2014
  • Powador 8600 – 7200 Watts AC output Discontinued as of November 2014
  • Powador 9600 – 8000 Watts AC output Discontinued as of November 2014

Data Sheet for models 3200 to 6600 (PDF 227 kb)
Data Sheet for models 7700 to 9600 (PDF 309 kb)

Installation and Operating Manual for models 3200 to 6600 (PDF 4.88 MB)
Installation and Operating Manual for models 7700 to 9600 (PDF 4.90 MB)

Certificate of Compliance for 6600 (PDF 1.01 MB)
Addemdum 1, adding models 3200 - 5500 (PDF 1.00 MB)
Certificate of Compliance 9600 (PDF 1.01 MB)
Addemdum 1, adding models 7700 - 8600 (PDF 1.01 MB)

Integrated potential-free
fault signal

Silent, maintenance-free
convection cooling

Preconfigured international
country settings

Menu language can be chosen
as required

Asymmetry monitoring via special KACO Sym-Bus