Selectronic Australia

Managed Battery Upgrade Kit

Any 48V, single phase, SP PRO Series II can have the Managed Battery Upgrade Kit added to work with approved batteries.

Batteries currently supported:

  • LG Chem RESU
  • LG Chem Standalone (rack mount)
  • BYD B-Plus 2.5 Modules
  • Sonnenschein @ Home Lithium

Two Upgrade Kits Available:

Managed Battery Universal Kit, to suit
  • BYD B-Plus
  • Sonnenschein@Home

Order code 005295

Managed Battery LG Standalone Kit, to suit
  • LG Standalone (rackmount)

Order code 005298

Essential for successful integration:

  • For use with 48 V, Series II models only (SPMC481 & SPMC482).
  • You must purchase the appropriate Managed Battery Kit.
  • Before removing the old card, you must use SP LINK to update the SP PRO firmware to 9.11 or higher.
  • Replace the communications card in the SP PRO with the new Comms Card 2017.
  • The battery determines the maximum output power of the SP PRO.
  • This is for single phase, AC-coupled systems only at this stage.

Installation is straightforward and should take installers around 10 minutes.
For the full installation procedure, refer to the following document:

IN0051_02 Installation of Managed Batteries (PDF 1.69 MB)

Installation instructions for our previous Kit (order code 005267, discontinued) that supported only LG RESU batteries:

IN0047_07 Installation of Communications card and LG Chem RESU (PDF 1.00 MB)