Selectronic Australia

Managed Batteries

Any 48V SP PRO Series 2i comes ready for approved managed batteries.

Any 48V SP PRO Series II can have an Upgrade Kit added to work with approved batteries.

Currently for use only with 48 V models. (SPMC480, SPMC481 & SPMC482)


Batteries currently supported:

Check our list of Approved Managed Batteries.

Note: The battery determines the maximum output power of the SP PRO.


Requirements for SP PRO Series 2i (or SP PRO Series II with upgrade kit):

Model Battery Part Required Order Code
SP PRO Series 2i LG Chem RESU,
Sonnenschein @ Home Lithium,
none n/a
LG Chem Standalone (rack mount) LG Standalone Cable 005289
SP PRO Series II LG Chem RESU,
Sonnenschein @ Home Lithium,
Upgrade Kit 005295
LG Chem Standalone (rack mount) Upgrade Kit
LG Standalone Cable


Installation notes:

Installation is straightforward and should take installers around 10 minutes.
For the full installation procedure, refer to the following document:

IN0051_06 Installation of Managed Batteries (PDF 1.06 MB)