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myGrid Battery Kits

The myGrid battery box has been discontinued as of 1 November, 2017. This page is for reference only.

Image of myGrid 2 battery box set with DC switchbox attachmentA Selectronic myGrid battery kit enables you to store your excess renewable energy and use it at the time of your choice.

Regardless of whether you have an existing solar power system or require a new system, the myGrid kits can be easily integrated to allow you to immediately take control of your energy usage.

The myGrid kit includes everything you need except for your renewables. Each myGrid kit has been tested by Selectronic to ensure all components are compatible and can be installed to local standards saving you time and money.

Downloadable Brochure:

BR0006_06 myGrid (PDF 530 kB)

Installation Note:

IN0025_05 myGrid Installation Notes (PDF 2.12 MB)


PC0029_01 myGrid warranty conditions combined with GNB statement (PDF 100 kB)

myGrid Standard Model Options 

Part No Off Grid
based on
C100 Capacity
Solar Hybrid
based on
C10 Capacity
Suitable SP PRO Single Phase Maximum AC Coupled Solar Allowed On Grid,
Off Grid
Generator support
Number of
battery boxes
Managed with Selectronic
Certified Inverters
Generic AC
MG008024­S6 8 kWh 6.2 kWh 24 V SPMC240 6 kW 3 kW Yes, On Grid requires
additional module
SPMC241 9 kW 3 kW
MG016024­S6 16 kWh 12.5 kWh SPMC240 6 kW 3 kW 2
SPMC241 9 kW 4.5 kW
MG016048­S6 16 kWh 12.5 kWh 48 V SPMC481 10 kW 5 kW 2
SPMC482 15 kW 6 kW
MG032048­S6 32 kWh 25 kWh SPMC481 10 kW 5 kW 4
SPMC482 15 kW 7.5 kW

¹ Maximum AC coupled solar if generic grid tie inverters set to 51Hz, 0.1s shutdown time

General Specifications

  Dimensions W x H x D Weight Comments
Battery Enclosure (per box)
including DC distribution panel
960 x 500 x 470 25 kg IP43, High quality Zincalume Powder coated steel
Suitable for outdoors. Stackable up to 4 boxes high when suitably
anchored and mounted on a level, solid concrete slab.
Battery weight (per box)   213 kg  
SP PRO Inverter (SPMC size) 375 x 690 x 220 35-42 kg Can mount under an eave
Battery protection Three pole 250A DC circuit breaker. Remote trip option available.
Battery Type Sonnenschein Solar Block Sealed Gel Lead Acid
Grid inverter for managed AC coupled solar All Selectronic Certified grid tie inverters.
Grid inverter for generic AC coupled solar Any make or model of a single phase grid tie inverter that is compliant to AS4777.2:2005, AS4777.3:2005 with an AC output no greater than that specified in the above table. Not recommended for Off grid.