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Remote Link changes

Major feature changes in Release 3.4

  • Support for Settings and Live Readings in the following versions of PSA models:
    • 10kW 120V Revision 4.70, firmware M dated 04/02/2003
    • 15kW 120V Revision 4.63, firmware N dated 22/04/2004
    • 20kW 120V Revision 4.55, firmware E dated 27/11/2001
    • 30kW 120V Revision 4.75, firmware N dated 17/11/2004
    • 40kW 120V Revision 4.70, firmware N dated 20/07/2003
    • 40kW 120V Revision 4.70, firmware O dated 29/06/2004
  • Added command line support for appending to log file with /la instead of replacing log.
  • Improved tolerance to errors in command line mode which may drop line on Next G modems.
  • PS1 Settings now allows for higher value of Inv:Shtdwn V2 than available from the inverter panel.

  • 3.4.5282 removes the need for the unlocking code.

Major feature changes in Release 3.3

  • Not publically released.

Major feature changes in Release 3.2

  • Support for future firmware version of PS1.
  • PS1 settings saved to file and reloaded may now traverse firmware versions in the same model, allowing easy migration of existing V9 settings to V10.
  • Supported Battery AH capacity on PS1 and PSA now can be up to 6400AH.
  • The Battery AH is now read before PS1/PSA downloads and can be automatically fixed in the site configuration before generating graphs.
  • When establishing a connection to a PS1/PSA inverter
    • Extra tests and recovery actions tried when verifying inverter is not already sending data.
    • Minor wording change: "No data. Inverter Presumed Idle" confused some users, changed to "No data, Ok".
  • Menu "Communications > Modem Initialisation" removed and replaced with "Modem Restore".
    This will reset the local modem to its factory defaults and can be used to 'un-program' a modem for use at the Remote Link end.
  • "Program Modem for PS1 " is now version 1.2:
    • Forces local port to 2400 baud. No having to wait for the inverter to contact the modem.
    • More tests, simplified user interface.
    • Simple Red / Green status when saving settings.
  • Direct Connections now ignore the port rate (now called Modem Rate) set in the Edit Site window. Instead they are automatically set to the appropriate 2400/4800 value. This means when directly connecting to an inverter you also dial to, you do not need to change the port rate.
  • Default modem port rate is now 9600 baud (recommended).
  • PS1 LCD Mode will now restart itself after the hourly maintenance.


Major feature changes in Release 3.1

  • Significantly improved performance and reliability of housekeeping communications over high latency dial-up connections.
  • Smarter sending of commands means faster response.
  • Added support for dialling to and from Bluetooth and NextG modems.
  • "Program Modem for PS1 " is now version 1.1: Forces more settings into the remote modem to increase reliability of modem response.

Major feature changes in Release 3.0

  • New PS1 Live Readings function, allows "at a glance" display of multiple values.
  • New PS1 settings, gives easy changes to all settings. User and Installer modes protect the installation.
  • PS1 Settings can be saved to file and loaded as easy "configuration sets".
  • New Calibration menu for installers, allows critical PS1 adjustments to be made after replacing boards.


Major feature changes in Release 2.2

  • Download retrieve file format is enhanced to simplify transportability. RTV file alone can now be emailed for analysis.
  • Added new menu item: File, Import to generate data and graph files from download files that are V2.2 compliant.
  • New improved LCD Mode display, tracks more responsively with inverter panel.
  • Fixed issue where program may fail to detect abandoned downloads while opening a new connection.
  • If LCD mode was running in Read Only mode at connection, it now cannot be restarted until version is detected. If manually stopped, will also attempt to detect version.
  • When LCD mode is read only, is it displayed in a pale yellow colour, to differentiate it from normal, controllable, LCD mode.
  • Associated .RTV files with Remote Link 2006. Double-Click file to start a new Remote Link 2006 session.
  • On hangup, when the inverter's modem init signals are being turned back on, the text "Resetting Inverter..." is replaced with "Reset inverter's communications...", to avoid freaking people out.

Major feature changes in Release 2.1

  • 3 / 20 / 1000 sites licensing is eliminated. All unlocking codes will allow connection to unlimited sites.
  • Evaluation version allows 14 days with single site limitation.
  • More PSA models are detected, particularly specials where multiple inverters are run in parallel.
  • The inverter's regular modem initialisation commands are turned off while Remote Link is connected, allowing more reliable communication.
  • The inverter's time is collected for internal functions, and displayed on the main form.



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