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Remote Link FAQ

Can Remote Link be scheduled to run unattended?

Yes. Find out how to schedule Remote Link using a Command Line Interface.


I'm using a direct connection to the inverter. But the inverter doesn't seem to respond at all.

Check that you have used a null modem cable between the USB serial adaptor and the inverter.

Check that you have NOT used a null modem cable if connecting via a modem.


I've got a laptop, with no physical COM ports. What do I do?

You can buy a good quality USB to Serial adaptor. Beware of cheap $20 units that do not maintain good communication.

You will still need a null modem cable if you are connecting directly to the inverter. You cannot connect the USB adaptor directly to the inverter.

HINT: Make sure you always plug the adaptor into the same USB port in your laptop, as it will be allocated a different COM port number in each different USB port.
E.g., it may install as COM4 in one socket, COM5 in the next, COM6 in the next. This can cause a lot of confusion when Remote Link is still looking for COM4 but the device is on COM6.


Why am I not allowed to create more than 3 sites?

Remote Link 2006 version 2.0 had different licensing models depending on whether you are a user or an installer.

End users are typically expected to have only one inverter, and some grace is given.
Installers have a need to connect to a number of inverters.

From version 2.1, we have removed all restrictions. If you are an end user who wishes to connect to several sites, please get the latest update free of charge.


I had the original Remote Link software. Can I use it and Remote Link 2006/2008 on the same computer.

Remote Link 2006 and Remote Link 2008 cannot exist on the same computer. Installing Remote Link 2008 will upgrade over the 2006 version.


I had a number of phone numbers set up in the original version of Remote Link. Why can't I migrate these to Remote Link 2006 / 2008?

The original version stored only the phone number and name of the site.

Remote Link 2006 provided more options and requires more detailed information in order to do so. Therefore the old sites, if automatically migrated, would be missing vital details.


You mentioned only Windows 98/2000/XP. Will Remote Link 2006 / 2008 install on Windows ME?

It really should, but we've never tested it. And we seriously recommend you get yourself a more up-to-date operating system.


Does Remote Link work on Vista and Windows 7?

Yes. However, since it was released before User Account Control (UAC) existed, you may have trouble getting the unlocking code to take. If you do experience this, you can start Remote Link as an administrator to enter the code.

Using Windows Explorer, browse to "C:\Program Files\Selectronic Remote Link 2008".
Right-click RemoteLink.exe and select "Run As Administrator".
Enter the unlocking code when prompted. Close and restart Remote Link as nornal.


Is there a version of Remote Link for Linux or Mac? Are there plans to in the near future?

No and no.


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