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Selectronic Authorised Integrator's Charges Claim Form

The Selectronic Authorised Integrator’s Charges Claim form must be used to apply for compensation for warranty work being carried out on a Selectronic SP PRO inverter. The following conditions and processes apply:

  1. Compensation will not be given for any SP PRO firmware upgrades. Firmware upgrades may be carried out by a customer using SP LINK.
  2. Compensation can only be claimed by a Selectronic Accredited Installer (SAI).
  3. Compensation must be applied for and Approval to Proceed be given by Selectronic in writing BEFORE any work is carried out. Any claim for work carried out without Approval to Proceed will not be accepted.
  4. Once the work has been completed the SAI must supply Selectronic with the failed SP PRO inverter along with supporting evidence of the costs incurred and a description of the work carried out.
  5. Selectronic will assess the validity of the claim after investigation of any evidence including but not limited to the assessment of any failed inverters or parts, photos of the failure or any other relevant documents. If there is insufficient evidence to support a warranty claim then final approval will not be given.
  6. If the claim is approved the method of compensation is at the sole discretion of Selectronic.

All fields are required

RA Number Serial Number
Installer Name Installer SAI Number
Email Address
Installer Address
Site Address
Description of work to be
carried out on site

Estimated travel time (max 8 hours at $35 / hr. Will be checked against Google maps)
Travel time in hours Travel cost$
Site time in hours Site time cost$
I have read and accept the terms of this claim form and the Selectronic Terms and conditions of Service.