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To utilise all of the possibilities of an SP PRO, it needs to work with a Selectronic Certified grid-tie inverter.

These inverters contain hardware and software to enable direct communication with the SP PRO. This means that the SP PRO has control of the flow of energy from the solar panels with as fine control as 0.1% steps. This is known as Managed AC Coupling technology which was developed by Selectronic in 2010, and cannot be achieved with a generic grid-tie inverter.

The Selectronic Certified grid-tie inverter can be considered as an AC MPPT. By creating an AC Bus, an AC coupled system will allow PV energy to be efficiently used directly by the load with excess PV energy going back through the multi-mode SP PRO to charge batteries or export to the grid.

A maximum of five (5) Selectronic Certified inverters can be controlled by any single SP PRO, but the total AC output of the combined grid-tie inverters must not exceed twice the continuous power rating of the SP PRO, or the SP PRO 30 second rating, whichever is smallest.

When using a Selectronic Certified grid-tie inverter, site consumption and generation data will be logged by the SP PRO including the AC coupled solar production.

When to use Selectronic Certified grid-tie inverters

We recommend a Selectronic Certified grid-tie inverter for maximum system efficiency and flexibility, however one must be used with an SP PRO in the following situations:

Want solar but not ready to add battery storage?

Using a Selectronic Certified grid-tie inverter allows you to have a grid-tie solar power system today and add a fully managed battery storage system at a later date. This is a cost-effective, future ready solution.

Benefits of using Selectronic Certified:

Currently we have Selectronic Certified inverters from both ABB and Fronius.

BR0019_01 Selectronic Managed AC Coupling Data Sheet July 2020 (PDF 1.20 MB)

Selectronic Certified Grid Tie inverters

ABB Logo

ABB Solar Inverters

` Model Number Phases AC Output No of MPPTs MPPT range
UNO-3.3-DM-SCERT 1 3.3 kW 2 90 - 580V DC
UNO-4.0-DM-SCERT 1 4.0 kW 2 90 - 580V DC
UNO-5.0-DM-SCERT 1 5.0 kW 2 90 - 580V DC
UNO-6.0-DM-SCERT 1 6.0 kW 2 90 - 580V DC
  • SP PRO Series 2i
  • SP PRO Series II - Hardware revision 21 or higher

UNO-DM-3.3-4.0-4.6-5.0-TL-PLUS (PDF 220 kB)
UNO-DM-6.0-TL-PLUS (PDF 178 kB)

Installation Notes:

IN0053_05 SP PRO ABB UNO Managed AC Coupling Installation Notes (3.54 MB)

Quick Reference Installation Overview:

BR0021_01 Selectronic SP PRO ABB UNO Q Installation Overview Poster (636 kB)

Fronius Logo

Fronius Inverters

Image of Fronius Primo Model Number Phases AC Output No of MPPTs MPPT range
Primo 3.0-1 WLAN-SCERT 1 3.0kW 2 200-800V DC
Primo 4.0-1 WLAN-SCERT 1 4.0kW 2 210-800V DC
Primo 5.0-1 WLAN-AUS SCERT ¹ 1 4.6kW ¹ 2 240-800V DC
Primo 6.0-1 WLAN-SCERT 1 6.0kW 2 240-800V DC
Primo 8.2-1 WLAN-SCERT 1 8.0kW 2 270-800V DC
Symo 8.2-3 WLAN-SCERT 3 8.2 kW 2 150 - 1000V DC
Symo 10.0-3 WLAN-SCERT 3 10.0 kW 2 200 - 1000V DC
Symo 12.5-3 WLAN-SCERT 3 12.5 kW 2 200 - 1000V DC
Symo 15.0-3 WLAN-SCERT 3 15.0 kW 2 200 - 1000V DC

¹ This is an Australian version of the Primo 5.0. The AC nominal output is rated at 4.6 kW and the maximum output is rated at 5000 VA

  • SP PRO Series 2i
  • SP PRO Series II
  • SP PRO Series I - additional AC coupling adaptor is required (order code 005077)
Installation Notes:

IN0049_10 Installing a Fronius Primo or Symo SCERT in a Managed AC Coupled system (3.92 MB)

Quick Reference Installation Overviews:

BR0017_01 Fronius Primo and SP PRO Series 2i Installation Overview Poster (640 kB)
BR0020_01 Fronius Symo and SP PRO Series 2i Installation Overview Poster (780 kB)