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SP PRO: The multi-mode inverter that does it all

SP PRO Firmware and SP LINK Software History

The following table shows the features added in recent versions of SP LINK and the inverter firmware.

You should normally have no need to update the firmware unless recommended by your System Integrator.
If features listed do not solve a problem you are experiencing, it is safest to leave your system alone.

We recommend System Integrators always keep the latest version of SP LINK, to ensure compatibility with our most recently manufactured inverters.


SP PRO Firmware 10.01

  • Added support for ABB UNO DM PLUS grid tie inverters.
  • SP PRO firmware still requires SP LINK 9.8 or higher to connect.

Comms Card 2017 Firmware 1.06

  • Resolved simultaneous multi-port connection timeout.
  • Resolved multi-vendor BMS status reporting.
  • Improved AC Coupled data transfer.
  • Improved BMS start-up handshake procedures.

SP LINK Software 9.9

  • Includes SP PRO firmware 10.01
  • Includes Comms Card 2017 firmware 1.06.


SP PRO Firmware 9.81

  • Improved SP PRO firmware update with Comms Card 2017.
  • SP PRO firmware still requires SP LINK 9.8 or higher to connect.

Comms Card 2017 Firmware 1.02

  • Updated CANBUS protocol to BYD's latest specification.
  • USB port now identified in SP LINK.

SP LINK Software 9.9

  • Includes SP PRO firmware 9.81.
  • Includes Comms Card 2017 firmware 1.02.
  • Site Configuration Wizard allows for up to 32 BYD B-Plus 2.5 and B-BOX 13.8 / 15.5 modules (requires Comms Card 2017).


SP PRO Firmware 9.80

  • Power Override control via serial communications interface.
  • Compatibility with BYD, Sonnenschein at home, and LG Standalone (Rack mount) battery types.
  • Improved charger stage transitioning in managed AC coupled systems,
  • Improve performance with Fronius managed AC coupling and LG chem batteries.
  • Extend export limit monitor to include minimum load monitoring for generator or solar hybrid systems.
  • Auto recovery option from Battery high voltage unit fault.
  • SP PRO firmware requires SP LINK 9.8 or higher.

SP LINK Software 9.8

  • Support for SP PRO firmware 9.80.
  • Installer only settings using installer personal password.
    • Adaptive AC load Total Support setting.
      This sets the maximum load support from Solar plus battery, to make an AC coupled Solar Hybrid system look like a DC coupled Solar Hybrid system.
    • Active Anti-Islanding setting for minigrids.
    • Export Limit (replaces factory set export limit).
  • Site Configuration Wizard includes BYD, Sonnenschein at home, and LG Standalone (Rack mount) battery types.


SP PRO Firmware 9.70

  • Supports the Communications Card 2017 (Advanced Communications Card), which in turn supports LG Chem batteries.
  • SP PRO firmware requires SP LINK 9.7 or higher.

SP LINK Software 9.7

  • Support for SP PRO firmware 9.70.
  • Simplified Firmware Update.
  • Allows zero Export Ramp Time for Generic AC Coupling.
  • New settings for Over Target Voltage Trip and Over Target Current Trip, to trip Managed AC coupled inverters to zero output.
  • Extended Soft Battery options.
  • New tab in Data View > Inverter Details, makes Technical Data clearer to read.


SP PRO Firmware 9.09

  • Fixes a bug introduced in 9.00 in on-grid applications. When the grid failed the SP PRO would not charge the battery from any AC coupled PV.
  • SP PRO firmware still requires SP LINK 9.1 or higher to connect.

SP LINK Software 9.3

  • Contains SP PRO firmware 9.09.


SP PRO Firmware 9.08

  • Critical update for 9.00 and 9.01 in off-grid applications where a generator is used.
  • Fixes a bug introduced in 9.00 in off-grid applications. Under certain conditions the SP PRO would backfeed power to the generator.
  • SP PRO firmware still requires SP LINK 9.1 or higher to connect.

SP LINK Software 9.2

  • Contains SP PRO firmware 9.08.


SP PRO Firmware 9.01

  • Supports Fronius Primo solar inverter range.
  • SP PRO firmware requires SP LINK 9.1 or higher.

SP LINK Software 9.1

  • Contains SP PRO firmware 9.01


SP PRO Firmware 9.00

  • AS4777.2:2015 compliance, mandatory for all inverters installed after 09/10/2016
  • SP PRO firmware requires SP LINK 9.0 or higher.

SP LINK Software 9.0

  • Support for SP PRO firmware 9.00
  • New Scheduled Inverter Reset in Service Settings.
  • Improved communications performance


SP PRO Firmware 8.14

  • To avoid installers leaving the SP PRO unconfigured, new inverters will not start until initially programmed.
  • New option for AC Source Limit, when in Charger Override.
  • AC Coupling Instant Trip when Battery Voltage exceeds a Max Voltage Limit. This prevents overvoltage on fully charged Lithium batteries, which could otherwise shutdown the BMS.
  • New Current Shunt option "Direct SoC" allows a State Of Charge reading of 0-100mV from a Lithium BMS.
  • New Shutdown input causes the SP PRO to go into idle when the input is active. This is useful for a Lithium BMS to prevent shutdown of the battery bank.
  • New output for ABB Ground Fault Alarm triggers on an Earth Fault Alarm from ABB solar inverters.
  • External CT can now support up to a 1000A ratio.
  • Improved communication with ABB solar inverters reduces error counts.
  • Charger mode resets to Initial when SoC drops below 95%.
  • SP PRO firmware requires SP LINK 8.1 or higher.

SP LINK Software 8.1

  • New options for battery type: Lithium LiFePO4 and custom battery
  • Allowance for "Soft" batteries with high impedance, such as Aquion.
  • New Service Setting allows improved tolerance to poor grid quality.
  • Split Direct connection into separate USB and Serial options.
  • Solar Hybrid Prorities may be easily reordered to a higher or lower priority.
  • Display of Power Factor and Real Power in Technical Data.
  • Display of Factory Set Options in Technical Data.


SP PRO Firmware 8.00

  • SP PRO Managed AC coupling with ABB solar grid inverters. Only applicable to Selectronic Certified units available from Selectronic only.
  • Digital Output 3 is unavailable when ABB Solar is selected in a Managed AC Coupled configuration.
  • Ramp frequency for Generic AC coupling is adjustable from 50.1 to 55.2 Hz. There is a failsafe where the AC output frequency will ramp to 55.2Hz under a high battery voltage condition.
  • The AC output of the SP PRO will frequency ramp to 55.2Hz with high battery voltage, regardless of configuration, providing failsafe for unconfigured or misconfigured AC coupled systems.
  • In a Solar Hybrid (grid connected) power system, the maximum AC coupled Solar (with Managed AC Coupled Solar) is no longer limited by battery capacity. Limits based on the SP PRO model still apply.
  • Added “Islanding Power Limit” to include both ABB solar and KACO grid inverters. In a managed AC coupled system, the maximum power output of the AC coupled solar is reduced to suit the Inverter model and battery capacity when the system is Islanded (grid has failed) or when configured as Off Grid (no grid available).
  • SP PRO firmware requires SP LINK 8.0 or higher.

SP LINK Software 8.0

  • Screen size and position is saved between SP LINK sessions. Screen position of Help file improved.
  • Add new baud rate setting of 115,200 baud for Communication Ports.
  • Add ABB Solar option to AC coupled port.
  • Updated Site Configuration Wizard to include ABB Solar.
  • Change Site Configuration Wizard to remove battery capacity limit for AC coupled solar (Managed AC Coupled Solar)  in Solar Hybrid systems.
  • Automatically set "Islanding Power limit" based on the battery size, brand of AC Coupled inverter (ABB or Kaco) and SP PRO model.
  • Add Zero Percent Output (remote off) for ABB communications.
  • Disable Econo mode setting when Generic AC coupling is selected.
  • Display the RS485 device address for KACO or ABB Solar grid inverters in Data View > Technical Data screen.


SP PRO Firmware 7.09

  • Powador control loops optimised to provide greater charging control in both Hybrid and Off Grid systems.
  • Improved response time of Generic Inverter frequency control: Now responds in under 1 second if AC source is disconnected and frequency ramping is required.
  • Fixed: When only Phase 1 supply connected to Phase 1 of a multiphase phase system, all phases will operate fans correctly.
  • For phase charging current regulation, SoC Shunt current is now not used by each phase. This affects three phase installs as per IN0016 Rev 7 and higher, using 600A shunt. Please check charge current settings after updating firmware. Installs as per IN0016 Rev 6 and lower, using 400A shunt, are not affected.
  • SP PRO firmware requires SP LINK 7.7 or higher.


SP PRO Firmware 7.08

  • Added KACO power limit setting when SP PRO in island mode.
  • To comply with Ergon / Energex Grid connect guidelines:
    • Added Fixed Power factor parameter to support power.
    • Added grid disconnect interlink for 3 phase system.
      (If one phase is out of grid tolerance, all phases disconnect.)
    • Added AC Source disconnect on 10 min average of AC source voltage.
    • Added Over Export power Trip setting.
  • Removed KACO RS232 interface (Legacy setting. Replaced with RS485 interface)
  • Improvement to KACO AC coupling control stability.
  • All front Panel battery and charge LEDs off in Batteryless mode. ON LED is green.
  • SP PRO firmware requires SP LINK 7.7 or higher.

SP LINK Software 7.7

  • Firmware is now included in SP LINK for installers’ convenience.
  • Software starts faster and loads configurations faster.
  • KACO model numbers and combined power capacity Displayed in DataView / Now screen.


SP LINK Software 7.6

  • Added a new Easy Start Guide and Site Configuration Wizard.


SP PRO Firmware 7.07

  • Added communication error counter to Powador Link, to assist in setting up managed AC coupling.
  • Added Batteryless to Battery Type setting. Allows SP PRO to be used without battery bank.
  • Added Fallback Power control for Powador Link. Allows power control of a Powador 00 or 02 that has fallback power set.
  • SP PRO firmware requires SP LINK 7.5 or higher.

SP LINK Software 7.5

  • The following new features all require SP PRO firmware 7.07:
  • Added display of Powador Link communication errors in Service tab.
  • Added support for SP PRO GO models.
  • Added support for batteryless options.
  • Added support for new model SPLC1200.


SP PRO Firmware 7.06

  • Recommended update for firmware 7.00 and 7.03.
  • Battery SoC calculation improved.
  • Improve stability with older revisions of hardware in stand alone.
  • Improved tolerance to severe grid distortion.
  • Improved performance in a KACO managed AC coupled Solar Hybrid system where the Solar Hybrid Control has both Grid Input Limit and Grid Export Limit set to zero.
  • Improved battery voltage control in a multi-phase system.
  • When the Solar Hybrid Control has Grid Disconnect enabled, the grid is reconnected before the inverter shuts down from overload. This prevents momentary loss of power when the loads are excessive.
  • The disconnect frequency ramp in a Generic AC coupled system is increased from 55.0Hz to 55.2Hz.
  • Fixed the issue where the Grid Feed-In Power Rating also affected the AC Load Support Limit.
  • SP PRO firmware requires SP LINK 7.4 or higher.

SP LINK Software 7.4

  • Added display of Battery Charger’s present temperature compensated Voltage and Current targets.
  • Added IP address scanner to locate Serial/Ethernet device on local network.
  • Only allow Solar Hybrid Control in Grid connect systems with SoC Control. Solar Hybrid Control is not supported in Off Grid and Mobile applications, or where SoC Control is disabled.
  • Disallow the “enable” setting for Grid Disconnect and Inverter Disconnect in L2-Seconday and L3-Secondary inverters in a multiphase system. The L1-Primary inverter controls these functions for all inverters.


SP LINK Software 7.3

  • Improved communication over Zig Bee wireless connections.
  • Improved SP LINK performance on slower computers since 7.0.


SP PRO Firmware 7.03

  • SP PRO improved battery equalising from AC coupled solar.
  • SP PRO firmware requires SP LINK 7.2 or higher.

SP LINK Software 7.2

  • Improved SP LINK starting time.
  • Shunts are now allowed up to 1000A (was 500A).


SP LINK Software 7.1

  • Several minor display bugfixes to SP LINK.


SP PRO Firmware 7.00

  • New feature: Tariff Optimisation.
    SP PRO now requires SP LINK 7.0 or higher to connect.

SP LINK Software 7.0

  • Eight new Solar Hybrid schedules that define the power and inverter control for a given time slot.
    See TB0004 for migrating from legacy settings.