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SP PRO AU Series

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SP PRO GO Series

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SP PRO AU and SP PRO GO Series


Full specifications are avavilable on the data sheets:

BR0007_04 SP PRO Series II Data Sheet Web (PDF 301 kB)

BR0008_04 SP PRO GO Series Data Sheet Web (PDF 406 kB)

BR0009_03 Solar Hybrid Web (PDF 1.96 MB)


Product Manuals:

OI0003_22 SP PRO Manual (PDF, 4.07 MB)

OI0008_06 SP PRO GO Manual (PDF, 4.06 MB)


Grid Approval Certificates:

Certificate covering all Series II Models (PDF 487 kB)

Safety Certificates:

ASA Certificate of Suitability 154008/00 SPMC482-AU (PDF 2.56 MB)

ASA Certificate of Suitability 154008/01 All other 24 and 48V models (PDF 2.60 MB)

ASA Certificate of Suitability 154008/02 All 120V Models (PDF 1.16 MB)