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SP PRO: The multi-mode inverter that does it all

SP LINK Software, now supporting AS4777.2:2015

All SP PRO series inverters come with SP LINK software included, but it can also be downloaded from this page.

SP LINK will enable you to gain access to an enormous amount of information about the SP PRO inverter and the power system, and allows integrators to customise over 400 settings within the SP PRO for a superbly optimised system configuration.

SP LINK is simple to use and intuitive; the instruction manual can be accessed by right-clicking from within the program and is also available to download on the Resources page.

The software must be loaded onto a Windows-based PC and is not available for Apple, Linux or any mobile phones.

SP LINK IconDownload SP LINK here:

SP_LINK.msi (21.9 MB)
Intended for System Integrators to configure and maintain settings.
This includes all of the features from the Monitor version, plus all configuration and maintenance features.

SP_LINK_Monitor.msi (21.8 MB)
Intended for end users to view a variety of information about the inverter.
This does not include features to alter the inverter's configuration or perform maintenance.

The current version is 9.3.6261, which has firmware 9.09 supporting AS4777.2:2015.

This is a critical firmware update for 9.00 or 9.01 in applications where a generator is used.
This is also a recommended firmware update for 9.00 to 9.08 in grid connected applications.

For further information, see the change history.

Minimum System Requirements:

SP LINK is not available for Apple, Linux or mobile phones.


Device drivers for USB to serial adaptors

If you need a USB to serial adaptor for a SP PRO Series I inverter, here are device drivers for units that we have previously provided with the SP PRO.

Aten UC232A V1.0.081 for XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 in 32/64 bit

Belkin F5U109 V2.05 for Windows Vista, 7,8 in 32/64 bit