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The Selectronic SP PRO Series

SP LINK Software

All SP PRO inverters come standard with our proprietary SP LINK software. If you can’t wait to get your own SP LINK then download a free copy here.

Once loaded onto a Windows based computer, SP LINK will enable you to gain access to an enormous amount of information about your SP PRO inverter and your power system. SP LINK allows integrators to customise over 220 settings within the SP PRO for a superbly optimised system configuration.

We believe SP LINK is simple to use and intuitive, but just in case you need some help, the instruction manual (in Adobe PDF) is only a click away from within SP LINK.

Download SP LINK here: (The current version is 7.4.5158. See the change history.)

SP_LINK_Monitor.msi 12.5 MB
Intended for users to access a variety of information about the inverter.

SP_LINK.msi 12.5 MB
Intended for System Integrators to configure and maintain settings. This includes all of the features from the Monitor version plus all configuration and maintenance features.

Important note for 64 bit installations of SP LINK on Series II inverters via USB:

When installing SP LINK on a 64 bit computer, the USB driver for the SP PRO inverter USB port may not install correctly in some systems. If you have a 64 bit computer and only if there is a problem connecting to the SP PRO inverter after the installation of SP LINK, please download the driver from the link below and run it on your computer.

Please download, extract zip file and run - dpinstx64.exe

This will install all of the appropriate drivers for Windows 64 bit systems which will then allow
SP LINK to detect and connect through to the SP PRO.

This is for Windows 64 bit systems only.
This is for Series II inverters only. Series I inverters do not require this USB driver.

SP LINK Minimum System Requirements:

SP LINK is not available for Apple, Linux or mobile phones.

Device drivers for USB to serial adaptors

If you need a USB to serial adaptor for a Series I inverter, here are the device drivers for units that we have provided with the SP PRO.

Aten UC232A (3.7 MB)

Belkin F5U109/F5U409 (4.7 MB. MCT driver, supports Belkin device on 64 bit)