Selectronic Australia

Standard SP PRO Configuration Files

To assist in the quick and easy configuration of the SP PRO AU and GO series, SP LINK software now includes the Site Configuration Wizard, which will more easily and accurately assist the installer in configuring the SP PRO AU or GO series to suit the installed application.

We are no longer providing general configuration files that are based only on myGrid kits.

Details for the myGrid kits are included in the Site Configuration Wizard, but also further assistance for the installer to create a configuration to suit the installed application.

Download the latest SP LINK here.

Creating Configurations using the SP LINK Site Configuration Wizard

1: Run Selectronic SP LINK

The Easy Start Guide will be displayed.

If you have previously disabled Easy Start Guide,
it can still be accessed through the menu:
File, Site Information, New (Easy Start Guide).

2: Select the Site Configuration Wizard.

The first screen of the wizard will appear.

In Step 1, enter a site name and select the appropriate SP PRO model.

In Step 2, only myGrid Energy Centres which are suitable for the selected SP PRO model will be offered.


Continue to follow the wizard and the configuration will be created for you.

If you need any help with the wizard, right click one of the headings to open the SP LINK manual and the relevant section.

3: Connect to the inverter

From the Connection menu, select Connect.

You will be prompted to save your site if you have not already done so.


4: Upload the configuration file

From the Configuration tab, select Configure SP PRO.

The configuration file will be sent to the inverter.