Selectronic Australia

SP PRO Accredited Integrator Training

Experts from Selectronic will be delivering our SP PRO Accedited Integrator from May 2018 onwards. This program aims to assist not only with successful installation of the SP PRO but information that will enhance your overall industry understanding, definitely not a sales pitch.

Anyone wishing to attain Accredited Integrator status should attend this course. Bookings are limited and there is a cost involved. See below for further details. 

SP PRO Accredited Integrator Training


  • $199.00 per person for Melbourne sessions, limited to 15 places for each training event.
  • $299.00 per person outside Melbourne, limited to 15 places for each training event.
  • $49.00 per person if you are a current Selectronic Accredited Integrator, limited to 5 places for each training event. We will cross-check these ticket purchases and if you are not a current Selectronic Accredited Integrator, we will refund your ticket and advise you to purchase the full price ticket.

CPD Points: TBC

Topics covered in 2018 will include:

What is the SP PRO: 

  • Understanding Power flow 
  • AC Coupling vrs DC Coupling 
  • When to use a Selectronic Certified inverter 
  • Applications:  Grid-connect - including residential, commercial, multiple phases, energy shifting, tariff optimisation
  • Applications : Backup supply, peak lopping, grid augmentation, export limiting, true transition to off-grid
  • Applications: Off-grid - including residential, commercial, multiple phases, micro-grids, mobile, marine, diesel offset.

Battery types and suitable applications: 

  • Design considerations for off-grid and hybrid applications 
  • Communication options, using 
  • Design considerations for Hybrid systems 
  • STELLA – Hybrid design calculator 
  • Warranty make sure you are not commercially exposed 

Preparing for Installation:

  • Installing 
  • Develop a configuration using SP LINK 
  • Commissioning the system 
  • Identifying issues

Dates and locations:

12th November 2018 ADELAIDE, SA Rydges Adelaide, South Park SOLD OUT
13th November 2018 TULLAMARINE, VIC Holiday Inn Melbourne Airport SOLD OUT
14th November 2018 SYDNEY, NSW Atura Blacktown SOLD OUT
15th November 2018 BOONDALL, BRISBANE, QLD Brisbane International Virginia SOLD OUT