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SP PRO Accredited Integrator Training

Selectronic is partnering with MPower for a national Solar Roadshow from end of May to mid August. It is a two day event.

Day 1:  Experts from Selectronic will be delivering our SP PRO Accedited Integrator training. 

Anyone wishing to attain Accredited Integrator status should attend this course. Bookings are limited and there is a cost involved. See below for further details.  

You do not need to attend this course if you are already a Selectronic Accredited Integrator. See below for more details on maintaining your accredited status. 

Day 2: A free-to-attend day of industry updates

Morning session: MPower will give a presentation on what's new in their solar division. 

Afternoon session: 'What's New at Selectronic' including information on recent enhancements to the SP PRO and Selectronic Certified grid-tie inverters, new battery integrations, market trends, new applications and case studies. This session is appropriate to those who are new to Selectronic as well as giving an update to those who have been using the SP PRO for years. The session will contain valuable information for those who are required to gain re-accreditation before the end of the year. 

SP PRO Accredited Integrator Training

Cost: $199.00 (Outside Melbourne $299.00)

CPD Points: 85 (35 for course attendance + 50 for exam pass)

Morning Session – Understanding the SP PRO:

  • Introduction to Selectronic
  • Features of the SP PRO
  • Understanding power flow
  • Applications:
    • Grid-connect - including residential, commercial, multiple phases, energy shifting, tariff optimisation,
      backup supply, peak lopping, grid augmentation, export limiting, true transition to off-grid.
    • Off-grid - including residential, commercial, multiple phases, micro-grids, mobile, marine, diesel offset.
  • Battery types and suitable applications
  • Design considerations for off-grid and hybrid applications
  • Communication options
  • Hybrid design considerations
  • STELLA – Hybrid design calculator
  • Warranty

Afternoon Session – Integrating the SP PRO:

  • Being prepared
  • Installing
  • Programming
  • Commissioning

Dates and locations:

Date Location  
May 31 Wollongong, NSW  
June 6 Melbourne, Selectronic HQ in Chirnside Park SOLD OUT
June 14 Adelaide, SA SOLD OUT
June 21 Newcastle, NSW  
June 28 Perth, WA  
July 5 Hobart, TAS  
July 12 Brisbane, QLD  
July 19 Melbourne, Selectronic HQ in Chirnside Park SOLD OUT
July 26 Darwin, NT  
August 9 Townsville, QLD  


Register NowClick the link below to book:
MPower Solar Roadshow in partnership with Selectronic

If you have any questions, please email


Maintaining Selectronic Accredited Integrator status

If you are already a Selectronic Accredited Integrator you should have been notified that, for the majority of you, your current accreditation ends on 15 December 2017.

In order to maintain this accreditation, we require you to complete a new online exam during the period 20th October to 20th November 2017. The aim of this exam is to ensure that you have kept up to date with new product enhancements and features of the SP PRO, new battery integrations and still have a solid understanding of how to install, program and commission the SP PRO.

One method of gathering this information is to attend Day 2 of the Solar Roadshow event, free of charge. To book for Day 2, please click the link: MPower Solar Roadshow in partnership with Selectronic

If you are unable to attend the event we will be sending out this information which may take form of short webinars, in the second half of the year.

We value our Selectronic Accredited Integrators and with annual re-accreditation we can ensure that you maintain the knowledge and skills that our company and your customers have come to rely on.