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Solar Storage Calculator

Use STELLA to determine the right Selectronic components for your solar hybrid system and to understand the basic performance of that system
Free standing Solar Panel ArrayHouse with Solar panels and KACO inverterSP PRO GO InverterBattery Bank

Solar Hybrid

An inverter configuration that provides smarter energy, 24x7.
House with Solar panels and KACO inverter


By installing a Selectronic Certified solar inverter as part of your solar power system, you have the ability to upgrade to a fully integrated Solar Hybrid or Grid Support power system in the future.
House with Solar panels and KACO inverterSP PRO InverterBattery Bank

Off Grid / Remote Power

Welcome to a world where electricity has no boundaries; a world where reliable electricity is not considered a luxury but an essential part of life today and into the future.
SP PRO InverterBattery Bank

Mobile / Marine

Our desire to get out and enjoy the wide open spaces on land or on the high seas can now be complimented with a powerful and intelligent power system.
Free standing Solar Panel ArrayTelegraph PoleSP PRO GO InverterBattery Bank

Grid Support

When you need increased capacity, reliability or functionality of your electricity grid, the Selectronic SP PRO series of battery based inverters will have the answers.