Selectronic Australia

Grid Support

Boost performance and reliability with one smart inverter

When you need increased capacity, reliability or functionality of your electricity grid,
the Selectronic SP PRO series of battery based Inverters will have the answers.

Boost customer supply capacity

In “fringe of grid” situations, a property may require more power than the grid can supply, but upgrading lines may not be practical or economical. In this situation an SP PRO is placed at the customer’s premises with a battery bank.
When the supply limit is exceeded additional energy will come from the SP PRO via the batteries, and when load is decreased grid energy will be used to charge batteries again if required. Renewable Energy sources can provide power to recharge the batteries, feed this into the grid or to be used onsite.

Boosting Grid supply capacity

Using an external controller, the SP PRO can be commanded to feed stored battery energy at any power factor into the grid, augmenting supply capacity. Commanding the SP PRO is a specialist feature made available under a signed agreement.

Peak lopping

An SP PRO strategically placed within a network can be programmed or commanded to cap the peak demand to a known limit, preventing line overload and the associated costs due to loss of supply. Use of this feature allows a fast and cost effective means of increasing network capacity, either temporarily or permanently. Consequently line utilisation is both predictable and controllable.

Load shedding

It is often required that a branch line will need to be isolated for safety, maintenance or load shed purposes.
Properties or sub divisions with SP PRO support will enjoy an uninterrupted power supply, thus demanding a lower priority response. This gives greater flexibility and efficiency to line restoration crews.

Quality of supply

Exposure to liability claims is a major concern in today’s business world. Quality of supply can be maintained regardless of line irregularities with the rapid detection and islanding capabilities of the SP PRO.

Smart Grid

Future developments will see the SP PRO integrate within the AMI infrastructure via industry standard protocols. With so much flexibility within the SP PRO and incorporated into a Smart Grid, the possibilities of control and integration into smart storage systems are numerous.
Adding Renewable or Alternate Energy sources A line supported by an SP PRO can easily be further augmented with the inclusion of any type of Renewable or alternate energy source. Solar panels can be integrated via the DC or AC coupling method.

Balance of system

Selectronic can take the worry out of system integration by providing you with all of the components required for a system. Most batteries are compatible with an SP PRO and our pre sales design service will ensure your system achieves all of its objectives.
The Australian-made consultative advantage With our design and development team based in Melbourne Australia, our Sales engineering team will work with you from project beginning to end, engineering the most cost effective and technically appropriate solution to your needs.
As a medium sized company our ability to provide fast response time is unique in our industry.