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Inverter Accessories Remote Monitoring is a remote monitoring solution that allows you to view real-time data from your SP PRO system.  A small, lightweight, wall-mounted unit connects to an SP PRO to enable the user to access the web-based portal, which can be accessed on any internet connected PC, iOS or Android device.

Order code 005283


Image of SP PRO with LG Battery and Comms Card 2017

Upgrade Kit for SP PRO Series II to provide SP PRO Series 2i functions

Installing the Comms Card 2017 Universal Upgrade Kit in a SP PRO Series II will provide the inverter with many of the functions of the new SP PRO Series 2i, including Powerchain or Advanced Multiphase and managed battery integration.


Image of Gen Fail Backup kit
Grid Fail Generator Backup

Allows you to add an Auto Start Generator to a Solar Hybrid system for use in extended outages. This module has the components required to start and control an automatic-start generator in times of low battery and grid failure.

Available for 24V and 48V models. Maximum AC current rating is 63A.
Suitable for SP PRO Series II inverters in SPMC models only.

Order code 005268

IN0020_05 SP PRO Grid fail - Gen Backup Installation Notes (PDF 274 kB)


DC Current Shunts

A range of current shunts are available for measurement of DC coupled solar current or DC load currents.

(Please note that a shunt is NOT required to measure the DC current of the SP PRO inverter as this is measured internally. Please also note that a DC shunt is NOT required to measure the solar in a AC coupled system as this is also measured internally by the SP PRO inverter).

The range of DC current shunts available are as follows:

Current Shunt,100A 75mV 0.5% - Order code 004351
Current Shunt,150A 75mV 0.5% - Order code 004328
Current Shunt, 200A 50mV 0.5% - Order code 004352


Bluetoorh to serial adaptor
Wired and Wireless Communications

Accessories to connect to your SP PRO inverter to SP LINK or to AC Coupled inverters.