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KACO Powador On-Grid Interactive Power Inverters

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Please note that Powador products can no longer be used for new installations in Australia after 09 October, 2016.
This page is provided for information purposes only.

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Manufacturing in Germany for over 100 years, KACO have a rich history in Quality High reliability inverters. The KACO Powador range is produced using 100% renewable energy.
KACO have a long, illustrious history with Selectronic and have both assisted each other in the development of today’s product range.

These inverters are Solar Hybrid ready and able to connect to your SP PRO battery based system now or any time in the future. Whether a Solar Hybrid system or full Off Grid, a Selectronic Certified KACO inverter will integrate seamlessly.

A convenient night switch is placed at the bottom of the inverter which allows the informative LCD display to be read at night.

For maximum flexibility the KACO range features both Transformer and Transformerless designs with efficiency typically around 96%.

  • Install today, add batteries tomorrow
  • European made
  • High efficiency
  • 10 year warranty
  • Selectronic Certified.
  • Easy to read LCD display with night light
  • Wireless communications option to SP PRO
  • IP54 rating
Image of Powador 2002 inverter
  Image of Powador 4400 inverter
Galvanically Isolated Powador 02 Series

The inverters from the Powador 2002 to Powador 6002, with galvanic isolation, feature effortless installation, the highest degrees of efficiency and optimum operation with thin-film modules – and make designing a PV system a piece of cake.

  Transformerless Powador 00 Series

These units are equipped with a wide MPP range of 350 V to 600 V. The open circuit voltage is 800 V, which simplifies the work of installers when laying out systems. The same is true for the integrated DC disconnect. Screw terminals make connecting to the grid easy.