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Advanced Multiphase and Powerchain

The new SP PRO Series 2i inverter allows for improved performance, increased flexibility, quicker installation and set-up time.

The SP PRO Series II can also be enhanced with an Upgrade Kit, which includes the communications cards and cables.
The SP PRO must have the required firmware version before installation.

Set-up and configuration time is reduced using the installation wizard in the SP LINK software. The new operation method means that shunts and complicated control wiring are no longer required, therefore reducing installation time. Just a single cat5 cable links each SP PRO.

SP PRO inverters in a multi-phase installation no longer have to be set-up and configured individually; Advanced Multphase has true primary-secondary operation allowing the inverters to work as one ‘brain’ with multiple ‘hearts’.

The remote monitoring solution is compatible, with only one unit needed to provide a performance summary of multi-phase systems.

Operation allows for balanced generator loading across each phase and is compatible with our Grid Fail Generator Backup kits (on 24V and 48V models).

The new SelectSun 3 Phase Grid-Tie inverter is also compatible. The Comms Cards provided in the upgrade kit are ‘future-ready’ for increased capabilities in paralleling, advanced micro-grids and managed batteries.

A number of Approved Managed Batteries are compatible.


Advanced Multiphase has been superceded by Powerchain

In 2020, Selectronic released Powerchain, which provides even greater versatility over Advanced Multiphase. Some features are not currently supported in Powerchain firmware. Refer to the table below.

  Advanced Multiphase Powerchain
Required firmware version V11 - V12 V14 +
Single phase, Split phase or Three phase Yes Yes
More than one inverter per phase No Yes
Support for KACO Powador Managed AC Coupling Yes No
60 Hz operation Yes No
Centralised management and battery control Good Better


For the full installation procedure, refer to the following documents:

IN0052_05 Installation of an Advanced Multiphase system (PDF 1.07 MB)

IN0057_02 Installation of an SP PRO Powerchain System (PDF 1.28 MB)