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Comms Card 2017 Universal Upgrade Kit

When fitted, this upgrade kit will give SP PRO Series II inverters many* of the advanced functions of the new SP PRO Series 2i.

* Managed AC Coupling using ABB inverters requires SP PRO hardware revision 21 or higher. These have been produced since 2015.


Support for Managed Batteries:

Any 48V SP PRO Series II can have the upgrade kit added to work with Manged Batteries.

(The 48V SP PRO Series 2i comes ready for managed batteries and doesn't require an upgrade kit, but will still require the LG Standalone Cable to connect to LG Standalone batteries.)

We are continually adding to our list of approved batteries.

The battery determines the maximum output power of the SP PRO.
LG Chem Standalone (Rackmount) batteries require an additional LG Standalone Cable (order code 005289).


Support for Powerchain and Advanced Multiphase:

Install the SP PRO inverters in a three phase or split phase system with improved performance, increased flexibility, and quicker installation and set-up time.
The upgrade kit includes the Communications Cards and cables. The SP PRO requires firmware version 11.00 or higher.

For more information, refer to Advanced Multiphase and Powerchain.


Installation notes:

Installation is straightforward and should take installers around 10 minutes.
For the full upgrade procedure, refer to the following document:

IN0058_01 Installation of Comm Card 2017 (PDF 478 kB)