Selectronic Australia

Mobile / Marine Power

Our desire to get out and enjoy the wide open spaces on land or on the high seas can now be complimented with a powerful and intelligent power system.

Image of SP PRO grid interactive inverter charger

From large caravans, motor homes, houseboats or sailing vessels, an SP PRO based system can bring the comforts of home to your mobile lifestyle.

On board - the SP PRO will provide smooth Sine wave quality power utilising the energy stored in your house batteries. Solar Power or Wind power can be used to supplement the charge in the batteries. Should the batteries become low; the SP PRO will start your auto start generator to run the load and recharge the batteries, automatically stopping when batteries are satisfied.

When generator or shore power is not sufficient, the clever Intelligent Interactive feature of the SP PRO will add its power to that of the generator/shore power to increase the maximum possible output to the load, and all this is done automatically, silently and without fuss. Changing from shore power to inverter power is break free, making sure you have no interruptions.

The SP PRO has a huge battery recharge capacity, to make sure house batteries are not only recharged quickly but completely, this will allow maximum life to be extracted from your house batteries.

A small tablet style computer can be placed at the helm or dashboard to provide a full display of system performance, or allow you to manually start the generator if needed. A simple two position switch can be placed anywhere on board to allow selection of different shore power sizes.

Mobile power can be a tough environment, so it’s good to know that the SP PRO is built tough to take the pounding of rough seas and roads, and every circuit board inside is coated with a military spec silicone coating to ensure all electronics stay dry and clean for years of trouble free operation. Safety on board hasn’t been forgotten either, with a host of safety features to allow safe operation in all situations.

As you should expect from a product of this quality, all standards for suppression of radio interference have been exceeded, making sure that noise in communications equipment is totally minimised.

Find out more about this product at the SP PRO page.