Selectronic Australia

SP PRO Series 2i : Intelligence Enhanced

Selectronic Powerchain is here! A new technology feature available via our FREE Selectronic SP LINK software.

Create new systems or upgrade existing installations with up to 240kW of SP PRO power and 480kW of Managed AC Coupled solar.
Link up to 12 SP PRO inverters, four per phase, for Off-grid and grid connected systems.

Powerchain systems provide stable, non-fluctuating voltage and frequency and can deliver up to 5.76MWh of battery energy per day!

Powerchain is simple to install, with “plug and play” linking between SP PRO inverters, without the need for hubs, current shunts or complex wiring.

With an SP PRO Series 2i, simply download the latest version of SP LINK to get Powerchain capability. SP PRO Series II can made compatible by installation of a Comms Card 2017 Universal Upgrade Kit.

Installation Note:

IN0057_02 Installation of an SP PRO Powerchain System (PDF 1.28 MB)