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STELLA - Solar Storage Caclulator

Selectronic’s solar hybrid systems allow you to take control of your power which gives you choice and flexibility over how you use the electricity grid. The usual aim of a solar hybrid system is more self-consumption of solar-generated power and less reliance on the grid.

We have developed the STELLA solar storage calculator to help you understand how adding battery storage to a solar system will impact your use of grid electricity. Use STELLA to determine the right Selectronic components for your solar hybrid system and to understand the basic performance of that system.

STELLA’s self-consumption protocol operates as follows:

  1. When the sun is shining, the SP PRO directs the solar power in the following order:
    1. to the home,
    2. to the battery bank,
    3. to the grid, up to the export limit.
  2. When there is not enough solar power to run the home, then the power stored in the battery will be used.
  3. Power is only used from the grid when there is not enough solar power or stored power to run the home.


STELLA asks you step-by-step for all the information needed to recommend a storage system. Help is available at every stage by hovering over the help icon. Or more a more in-depth explanation, please refer to TN0069_01 STELLA solar storage calculator (PDF 525kb)

I accept the following terms and conditions: Selectronic has provided these calculators free of charge to assist in the design of SP PRO based power systems. The calculators are the property of Selectronic and all rights and their contents belong to Selectronic. Use of any of the calculators implies acceptance of this disclaimer. All battery data shown is typical of high quality batteries and is given as a guide. Please refer to the battery manufacturer’s specifications. These simple calculators are intended as a basic guide only and are not a substitute for a correct system design process. Selectronic takes no responsibility for the information provided or how that information is used.

Rev 0.40
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Selectronic has released this version of STELLA for beta testing. Feel free to provide any feedback.